Who I am

Mani is Mark van Nimwegen, 34 years young living in the south of the Netherland.


The name Mani is formed out of the first two letters of my first name and the first two letters of my last name, inspired by harderstyles legend Dj Pavo.


In early 2002 I came in connection with hardtrance when I visted Trance Energy by ID&T in de Jaarbeurs Utrecht when Cosmic Gate closed the event. In an instant I was captured by this kind of music and wanted more. I searched for their next gig and travelled to Heerenveen for Qlimax organised by Q-dance. 


What an insane night that was, Cosmic Gate started the night and it progressed with harder and harder music that night. What was it called? I need more of this in my life!!! My passion for Hardstyle was born and I travelled through all of The Netherlands for Hardstyle events.


I spend all my money on vinyl and extremely high priced tickets, but in the end it was all worth it (S. Janssen, W. Janssen, 2007).


After one year visiting allmost every big event I knew it was time to learn the craft of dj'ing for myself. I bought some crappy second hand turntables and started practising.


My style? Early Hardstyle, in the widest form with a strong passion for reverse bass Italian Hardstyle.

Mani History

My first gig was in 2003, I had just started and actually needed many many more training hours.


In 2003 I met Dj Activator and we started talking a lot about hardstyle, turned out we shared a lot of views and opinions about music. I got an invitation to come to Italy and make some hardstyle. We are the Bass was born and released in 2004.


After that more collaborations followed, Equensu Ocha in 2006 and Il Mondo è Mio EP in 2007. In 2008 my first and only solo EP released on Kattiva Records which I made in The Netherlands with my good friend Max Force. 


In the past 13 years my career highlights were:

  • Q-dance talent competition Q-factor where I got til semi finals
  • Audio Attack in the legendary Hemkade Zaandam
  • Hardstyle Overdose - Mani's Birthday
  • Icon - Dj Activator
  • B2S Presents: Back 2 School
  • B2S Presents: Remember.